Per-Incident Tech Support Services

For new customers interested in quickly solving an immediate problem

Sometimes you just need to solve an immediate problem that your I.T. person or department can't seem to fix. We specialize in solving difficult problems like this often without ever making a visit to your office.  In today's connected world and hyper-competitive business markets, everyone needs a go-to-guy (or gal) that they know they can count on when the going gets tough.

No I.T. person or department can possibly know everything there is to know about every device, program and/or service out there.  The I.T. business has become so big and complex that today's I.T. Professionals are focusing on a single specialty such as Networking or Web Development or PC and Server Hardware and the list goes on.  These complex and powerful systems have evened the playing field for startup businesses looking to compete with the established businesses in their area and they're relying more and more on these systems every day.

When the success or failure to meet a big deadline or close a critical deal is at stake, you need to know -with certainty- that if anything goes wrong with any of the components or software involved, you have someone you can call on who can make your problem go away, usually within minutes, not hours or even days like most other I.T. service providers.  

Are you 100% positive that your I.T. support provider will not just be there in that critical moment, but also solve your problem no matter what?  If you're not answering a very confident "yes" to this question then maybe it's time to see why more and more Eastern New England businesses are putting their trust in ENE Systems.

When you call ENE Systems for support, you'll notice the difference immediately because you will not spend more than 1 minute on hold.  When is the last time you called your current support provider and actually got a human being on the phone within less than 10 minutes?  

Call us before 2:00pm for Same Day Onsite Service (some restrictions apply).  Calls taken after 2:00pm are scheduled for the next day, but only if they require an onsite visit.  Since about 80% of our service calls are handled remotely, the odds are very good that your call will be handled and solved on the same day regardless of the time you call.  Our mission is always to drill down into the problem as quickly as possible and assess whether or not a site visit is required.  If the issue can be solved right then and there, that's what we'll do!  If the issue requires a site visit, we'll explain why -always in plain English, not techno-jargon- and we'll get a repair technician scheduled to visit at the next available open slot.